“We support our clients in professional development”

How to combine Project Management with Operations?

“I want my people to work 12 hours a day: they need to work 8 hours on operations and then to spend another 4 hours on project work” Vicepresident How to combine Project Management with...

Facilitation in Agile Projects

The AgilePM® Handbook names Facilitation as a key technique – but how should you use Facilitation in agile projects? Three subsequent versions of AgilePM® Handbook name Facilitation as a...

How Agile Are You In A Crisis?

Much has been written about agility. So how does it deal with crisis situations? In a well-known saying, it is said that in the event of rapid changes to the environment, it is not the largest...

Top 5 Tips for Facilitating Online Meetings

Tomasz Nedzi, an experienced facilitator, explains some simple tips that can help you facilitate online meetings 1. Be early If you are the facilitator of the meeting it’s your duty to manage the...

OBASHI – putting two worlds together

We have been observing the division into two, sometimes hostile, camps, i.e. IT and BUSINESS in organizations for a long time. Both worlds speak a familiar language and feel themselves quite good...

Who are we and what do we do?

Our goal is to support our clients in continuous development so that they can be up to date with what is happening on the market in a given industry, but also increased their chances of promotion.

We know perfectly well that working in a corporation requires a lot sacrifices, therefore our portal is not only a place where you can find interesting training offers, but also you will read interesting and useful news and information.

As an accredited training company, we have a wide range of classes and courses.

Among which you will find Agile PM®, PRINCE2®, Facilitation, OBASHI®, AQRO® and SAF®.

All of them will allow you to obtain certificates confirming the acquired skills. However, these are not ordinary courses that change nothing and are done for your diploma only.

During our training, you will not only acquire knowledge, but also learn to use it in practice, which will allow you to more effectively fulfill the duties.

Our website about corporate life is a perfect place if you are looking for various types of advice.

This is where you will find guides that will tell you what to do and in which form of education to invest .

Short and to-the-point articles will surely help you in making the final decision or dispel doubts in a given matter.

An accredited training company run by us was established to answer the questions asked.

Find a place where other corporate employees meet online and also find inspiration.

Our offer continues we are expanding with various courses, it is only up to you whether you choose Agile PM®, PRINCE2®, Facilitation®, OBASHI®, AQRO® or maybe SAF®.

All of them are run by suitably qualified employees.

The costs also include textbooks, auxiliary materials and meals (traditional courses) during the stay on the selected course.

Our goal is to adjust to the client as best as possible, because we are the people who run the portal about life in the corporation we know very well that not everyone has time to travel.

In such a situation, training and exams will work best available over the internet.