Management of Risk

Management of Risk: Guidance for Practitioners, 3rd Edition

M_o_R® (Management of Risk) provides a framework for risk management considering the different aspects of an organisation: strategic, programme project and operational. It combines principles, approach and processes and offers advice on how they should be implemented, depending on the magnitude of the risk’s impact on objectives.

The M_o_R® 3rd edition guidance is ideal for any organisation or individual requiring guidance on a controlled approach to identification, assessment and control of risk at strategic, programme, project and operational perspectives. M_o_R Foundation is aimed at Business Change Managers, Programme and Project Managers, Risk Managers, Business, Programme and Project Support staff and managers, operational staff and managers. It is also relevant to staff and managers from other disciplines, particularly those responsible for establishing standards and/or integrating them with MoP®, MSP® and PRINCE2®.

Publisher: PeopleCert
Author: Axelos
Language: English (UK)
Type: Book
ISBN: 978-9925-600-39-7


M_o_R® 4: Management of Risk

M_o_R® 4: Management of Risk: Creating and Protecting Value

Management of Risk: Creating and Protecting Value offers a benefits and value-focused approach to risk management, giving practical guidance on effective risk management, applicable across all regions, industries and sectors.

The guidance shows how to develop and employ effective risk management approaches in a fast and changing competitive landscape, demonstrating how to integrate risk management across all levels of an organisation.

It provides practical guidance on key topics such as creating a positive risk culture to protect and create value, and how to integrate risk management with Agile ways of working.

Publisher: PeopleCert
Author: Axelos
Language: English (UK)
Type: Book
ISBN: 978-9925-600-55-7

How do I buy a M_o_R® paperback?

From 1/2/2022:

  • The M_o_R® eBook can only be purchased with a Foundation exam voucher
  • Vouchers for Practitioner and Re-certification exams are sold without a textbook.
  • Hard copies of the manual can only be purchased through Accredited Training Organizations (ATOs).

Hardcopy manuals are needed to prepare for the Practitioner and Re-certification exams, and for those who prefer a hardcopy version of the book.

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