RESILIA™ Cyber Resiliance Best Practice

RESILIA™ Cyber Resiliance Best Practice

RESILIA™ is a best practice framework, designed to help organisations and governments build, assess, deploy and manage good cyber resilience against security threats, such as cyber risks/attacks and cyber criminals.

RESILIA equips professionals with accurate understanding and knowledge, enabling them to clearly and confidently react and take appropriate action, in order to implement and manage sound cyber resilience throughout an organisational structure. It improves an organisation’s ability to detect, reduce, avoid and recover from cyber based threats and ultimately strengthens and aligns IT operations and enhances existing management strategies.

Publisher: PeopleCert
Author: Axelos
Language: English (UK)
Type: Book
ISBN: 978-9925-600-34-2

How do I buy a RESILIA™ paper manual?

From 1/2/2022:

  • The RESILIA™ eBook can only be purchased with a Foundation exam voucher
  • Vouchers for Practitioner and Re-certification exams are sold without a textbook.
  • Hard copies of the manual can only be purchased through Accredited Training Organizations (ATOs).

Hardcopy manuals are needed to prepare for the Practitioner and Re-certification exams, and for those who prefer a hardcopy version of the book.

For the paper version of the RESILIA™ handbook, please contact us by email:

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